TL;DR: You want to get started with A/B testing.
1. Pick a default scenario and a variant scenario.
2. Present 1 scenario to each customer at random. Record each customer and which was presented.
3. Go to .
4. Enter the number of customers and successes for each scenario and click “Submit”.

Just over one year ago, Conor and I decided to start a consulting company together. We had both thought about doing consulting separately, so when we each found out about the other’s plans it just made sense to team up. Teaming up also had the added benefit of holding us…

Maybe in 2021 we’ll get to go out in public. Photo by on

Most of the articles and news stories that I’ve read in January started out with some statement about how 2020 was wild/unprecedented/unpredictable/other adjective. So I’m going to skip that and jump right into things.

At Flatland Data Solutions we’re optimistic that 2021 will bring some revolutionary changes and advancements into…

Making data-driven business decisions despite *gestures around broadly*

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“I hope this email finds you well in these unprecedented times”

We’ve all received countless emails with this same hook. It may have been a nice sentiment in the first couple weeks, but now it’s overused and cliche. It’s actually remarkable how fast that sentiment has become played out; in…

Logan Kopas

Spreading the love for data, and maybe other things too.

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